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Junior Livestock Show of Spokane​​
Benefit Auction: February 23, 2019
Livestock Show May 1-5, 2018   509.535.6737

2017Livestock Auction
Our Champions

Grand Champion –-   
Kendall Dixon, Garfield Co. 4-H, 1359 lb steer sold to Dan Carpinito, Four Star Supply, McGregor Company, Rosenberger Construction, Columbia Grain, Dutch Flat Angus and Washington Trust Bank, for $4.94 per lb.
​Grand Champion –.  
Madison Dixion, Pomeroy FFA, 1344 lbs steer sold to Lewiston Livestock Market, Pomeroy Grain Growers, Shaver Transportation, Washington Trust Bank, and Tomco Seed, for $4.25 per lb.

Thank you to ALL the Supporters of this Youth Livestock Sale

Reserve Grand Champion –   
TyAnn Tellefson, Lind-Ritzville FFA, 1262 lb steer sold to Les Schwab, Brian and Michelle Gerber, Chad and Bri Goll, Ken and Debbie Adams for $3.00 per lb. 4-H Overall Market
Reserve Grand Champion –Colby Ledgerwood, Garfield Co. 4-H, 1283 lb steer sold to Inland Power and Light, Lewiston Livestock Market, and CKP Insurance, for $4.00 per lb.

Grand Champion ––  Kadence Compton, Wenatchee Heights 4-H,  245 lbs sold to Les Schwab for $6.00 per lb.
Grand Champion –
Shelby Holmes, Medical Lake FFA, 257 lbs sold to Israel Show Pigs, for $5.50 per lb.
Reserve Champion- -   
Myles Lee, Banyard 4-H, 269 lbs sold to Precision Air for $4.00 per lb.
Reserve Champion –   
Brad Stout, Colton FFA, 289 lbs sold to Colton Uniontown Livestock Boosters for $5.50 per lb.
Grand Champion ––  Tanner Gerdes, Cheney FFA, 144 lb sold to Financial Strategies for $5.25 per lb. 
Grand Champion –
Bailey Lake,  Open Horizon 4-H, 158  lbs sold to Stan Flugel for $5.00 per lb


Reserve Grand Champion ––   
Ryan Willson,  St. John Endicott FFA, 122 lb sold to St. John Endicott Community Support for $6.00 per lb.
Grand Champion –   
Lauren Stubbs, Lacrosse FFA, 102 lb sold to Stubbs Farms JV for $11.00
Grand Champion ––   
Bailey Lake , Open Horizons 4H 112 lb sold  to Avista and Inland Power and Light, for $6.50 per lb.
Reserve Champion –   
Ali Hennigar, Colton FFA, 101 lb sold to Colton Union Town Livestock for $9.00 per lb.
Reserve Champion – Josie Hamilton, Big Sky 4H, 108 lb sold  to Les Schwab and Jr. Livestock Boosters for $5.25 per lb